New product launched at annual conference

Virtual reality offers an active rather than passive experience. The immersive experience is distraction free with immediate and total engagement in the content. This approach aids retention in an educative environment. A platform that demonstrated how Vitamin E within the Pelican Platinum Vitamin E pouch helps improve and keep patients’ skin healthy.

We designed a 2 minute VR experience to showcase how Vitamin E penetrates the skin layers and helps to rebuild and nourish the cells. Placing the story into a VR environment allowed us to take the viewer through the skin layers demonstrating how the product works. Features and benefits of the product were built into the film along with compelling results from the extensive trials.

The headsets were debuted at a major nursing conference helping the client to get valuable time with their audience and engage them with the excitement of interactive technology – maximising impact. The sales team now have the tools to use in their day-to-day activity.