future proofing is a fine art

From creating naming strategies for organisations and brands, to teasing details out of insight to challenge ambition and create genuine, transformational change or establishing the values and vision that informs visual frameworks and brand communications.

Creating intelligent branding and brand plans, by reflecting on what we have learned and working with the essence of what a brand may stand for is the only way to capitalise on its purpose.

what we learn

The truths about you, your people, your organisation, and the consensus stakeholders reveal helps shape the strategy and language that builds your reputation and energises your actions.

we innovate and agitate

Our approach is not gentle. We probe, challenge and test opinions and attitudes; we push expectations and beliefs to uncover new potential for organisations and brands.

some of our latest work

Taking academic theory on physical literacy for toddlers to a fully planned and visualised Footie Families branded programme.

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A merger brand strategy that has allowed this healthcare service and products range to grow and keep its defined purpose.

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“We are very impressed with the service we receive and I would recommend høpp without hesitation.

UK Head of Marketing, Eakin Healthcare Group