innovative, collaborative & critical

To understand the impact of public arena initiatives, or to help build reputation and understanding we question and challenge; we seek out opinion and differences.

To do this we devise bespoke and scalable research, consultation, interactive workshops and surveys. Only this way can we find consensus for service, product and messaging design.

Good research and public consultation design adapts to the landscape of the problem. Exacting techniques, in the right combination, lets us question, work with and listen to broad and specific audiences as needed.

The techniques we use include:

  • large scale qualitative and quantitative surveys
  • qualitative interviewing
  • focus groups and interactive workshops
  • facilitation
  • consultation

scrutiny that stands up

Our programmes are designed to fit the individual challenge. Based on guiding principles and using a range of techniques that test public, stakeholder and consumer attitudes to properly inform, the outcome lead to real value for our clients.

we engage digitally

Through digital channels we can gain additional depth to product and service use studies or put polarised communities together to test assumptions and iterate development work.

some of our latest research work

Consultation across the sector, interested political, cultural and organisational leaders to set a vision of housing for 20 years.

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Public consultation on urban traffic issues, engaging with the residents, businesses and other active travel stakeholders.

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Wide ranging consultation amongst stakeholders and service users to help inform a renaming strategy for two historical organisations.

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“We are very impressed with the service we receive and I would recommend høpp without hesitation.

UK Marketing Manager, Eakin Healthcare Group