Creating a 20-year vision

How do you go about building a vision to transform a sector that will still be relevant in twenty years?

That’s the challenge Community Housing Cymru set us. With a housing crisis today, major changes in demographics and demand-type just around the corner and technology, environment and social changes rampant, this project needed bespoke, robust research design.

Housing Horizons Consultation

Desk research and vision forming informed a series of five workshops with representatives from all levels of the sector and with interested political, cultural and organisational leaders from outside the sector industry.

Using a series of interactive deliberative and non-directed group discussions we planted seeds for discussion and challenge. The participants were challenged to consider these and to develop their own and group perspectives.

public consultation techniques

The consultation recommendations were adopted within the corporate plan and push the organisation to be more radical, with a broader ambition to dispupt the model, rather than react to it.