Adapting a brands voice

Mergers aren’t often that successful. HBR suggests up to 90% end in failure and that lack of promotion, credibility and solidarity of the brands at critical junctures lies behind the failure of many.

The new brand strategy needs to capture the imagination of everyone. Your internal teams, partners, stakeholders and not least of course, your customers.

You need to invest time in the process.

We helped the WEA YMCA CC Cymru to rebrand (the reason why it was needed is probably obvious).

Actually, the reasons were much deeper that the 14 letters you’ve just read. But they were enough to start asking questions. Created from a merger of WEA Cymru and the YMCA Community College the organisation had decades of heritage, plenty of brand equity and incredible employee and learner loyalty, to each brand.

This was a very difficult brief and you’ve exceeded expectations

Chief Executive