There’s a real reason why høpp exists. A why, not a whatever.

I read a quote recently – “Luck is when preparation meets opportunity”.

That’s what høpp is about. And why it’s here. We’d thought for a long time about setting up a new agency that reflected what we wanted in a business. One that is agile yes, and founded on great experience, some clever thinking and real intuitive creativity. And also one which reflects what we tell our clients.

We thought :

Build a team we want to play with.
Make it easy for them to be fun to work with.
Work hard and love our clients.
Do great work. Always work hard to make the work great.

The point is we didn’t just do it.

We prepared, worked out what we could offer that clients might like to buy. And was different. And when the opportunity presented itself we were able to take the plunge. We’ve not stopped running since.

However this isn’t about us. It’s about you.

What we do is help you to be prepared so that when your opportunity presents itself, you’re ready. That’s how we interpret luck. That’s how we help create opportunities.

If you like how we think lucky, let’s get prepared together?